Custom Beat Orders

Describe what type of custom beats you want. Be very descriptive (Ex. BPM, How many bars you want, what mood, What artist or song would it sound like?) 

All customers who order a custom beat will be given "Exclusive Rights" to the beat.

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Mixing & Mastering

What Is Mixing:

Mixing is the process of taking all the raw audio material and recordings and shaping them into a finished sounding song by technically making the recordings sound as good as possible. This process includes balancing the volume of each individual element and the mix as a whole, balancing the frequencies, processing the recording with compression, reverb, delays and much more.


What is Mastering:

Mastering is the process of creating the master copy of a record from which all other replications will be made. During this process the engineer will focus on sweetening the record and processing the song/album to make it the best version it can be.


If you’re interested in having us mix and master your next song/album please contact us below and be as specific as you can about your project, so that we can determine whether or not we’re the right choice and what the costs for our work are going to be.


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Ex: $30 per song